Black Music Bingo

Black Music Bingo at Glider’z Bar & Lounge

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Event Location:
Glider’z Bar & Lounge
2600 Clemson Ave

About The Event:

Invite a friend and get ready for Black Music Bingo!!!

Black Music Bingo is a fun filled and fast paced take on traditional bingo. You will be given a free bingo card where traditional bingo board numbers are replaced with song names, artist names, music titles or a mixture. The categories will change each day and each round but will generally fall into one of the following:

Hip-Hop (All eras)
Black Movie Soundtracks
Black TV Shows Theme Songs
Beyonce/Chris Brown ( Artist with a variety of Hits)
Plus more!

There will be a total of four rounds and there will be a winner for each round that will receive a free gift card or another prize from Glider’z Bar & Lounge

Black Music Bingo is hosted at Black Owned Businesses to celebrate Black Culture and to unite the Black citizens.

Entry is Free and open to all ages
Invite a friend and get ready for your new favorite event!

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2019-07-10 22:00

Click here for tickets.

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